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National Health System

As from 1st of March 2019, contributions for the implementation of the National Health System (NHS) will commence and will be calculated and as follows:


Contributor’s category 01/03/2019 - 29/02/2020
01/03/2020 onwards
a) Employees/Pensioners/Persons holding an office 1.70 2.65
b) Employers 1.85 2.90
c) Self Employed 2.55 4.00
d) Republic or Natural / Legal person responsible for the remuneration of persons holding an office 1.85 2.90
e) Republic 1.65 4.70
f) Persons earning rental, interest dividend and other income 1.70 2.65


It should be noted that the employer is responsible for paying both their own and their employees’ contributions through Social Insurance Services (by means of deduction from their salary).

Income limit

For the purposes of calculating the contributions, gross emoluments are limited to €180.000 per annum (with the exception of categories (b), (d) and (e)).