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he island of Cyprus is situated in the eastern Mediterranean sea, at the crossroads of three continents linking Europe with the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Cyprus has an area of 9.251 square kilometres and is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is in close proximity by air to major cities.  It is one hour away from Athens, Egypt and Israel, two hours from Kuwait, three hours from Moscow and four hours away from London and most European destinations. The strategic location of the island has played an important role in its development into an international business center.

The island enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate with approximately 300 sunny days a year. Summers are hot and dry and last from June to September with August being the hottest month. The winters are mild and last from November to March with January being the coldest month. Temperatures range from 25º-35º C in the summer and 8º-15º C in the winter.

Population, ethnic composition and language
The estimated population of Cyprus is about 800.000, of which 85.7% consists of the Greek Cypriot community, including Armenians, Maronites and Latins, 11.1% of the Turkish Cypriot community whilst the remaining 3.2% is made up of foreign residents. The official languages of the Republic are Greek and Turkish while English is widely spoken.